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Nigel J Pearcey

Welcome to my world!!

“The tremendous online income”

I have been a book author and entrepreneur for over 25 years and have 20 years of online experience in marketing and promotions for other companies.

Is any of it worthwhile?

In short, yes! But it would be best to balance the expenditure risk against rewards, doing your due diligence in everything you do in a highly competitive world where you must be 100% committed to your goals.

YOU must change your mindset

Do you understand what that means?

In short, you must stop thinking like an employee and begin thinking like a boss of your own business and destiny.

You take what you earn and reinvest it back into the business. In a job you workas an employee  buy nice stuff for you and survive. In your business you work, invest back into it and thrive. If you want to buy nice stuff, you must earn the right to do it.

I say more about this in answer to an email from someone on my dedicated portal at

If you want to succeed at making an income online, then here are a few tips that will get you going at a minimal cost and are pretty simple to achieve. It is up to you how far you want to go with it. Just remember that when paying for software or programs, you are not buying anything but rather investing in your future.

One/ A personal audience

It has long been recognized that you need a personal audience who shares your mindset, wants to listen to what you have to say, and wants to see what you have to offer. Building that list of people can be very costly, but I will show you the most cost-effective way.

So, the best software to gather your leads is one that will pay you to resell it. (That makes sense, right?)

Secondly, you need reliable and guaranteed software to deliver your mail to your lead inbox.

Part of your email responder list needs to be a good capture page where you can send visitors from your social media, lists, or traffic sites to view your offerings and hopefully sign up for your list.

SEND SHARK is the best software I have found that fits all of the criteria you need.

send shark image

SEND SHARK is a powerful auto-responder system with total lead capture pages and video instructions to get you started instantly on the right footing.

PS/When you click on the link, make sure to listen to the video. If you are convinced, scroll down to the bottom of the page and see an even more fantastic offer before you make any decisions.

REMEMBER: I told you to do your due diligence and read everything because I can save you a small fortune. By the way, if you also make just two sales of this software, you will use it free of charge.

2/Website Hosting

So now that you have a significant lead capture system up and running, you may want to consider having your very own Website, just like the one you are on right now, so that you can also turn it into a money-making machine.

So here is my choice for this significant venture: GLOBAL VIRTUAL OPPORTUNITIES, or GVO for short.

This is to inform you that you can now get Website hosting for as little as $5.95 per month, and I can also offer you a fantastic deal with our HOST 4 PROFIT HOSTING PLANS!

host for profit image

I highly recommend you click on the image above to listen to the plans you can get at HOST 4 PROFIT. Remember that you can also resell this on your new Website.

Three/ Traffic and income resources

So, if you are following my recommendations, you have now set up a lead capture system and are gradually building your list of personal leads. You have also created your website, and all the above are now being advertised with your affiliate URL. This means you are starting your journey as an influencer online, so be sure to post your Website on all social media, mailing lists, and free traffic sites.

So now you want to expand your horizons onto larger platforms to gain more traffic and, hence, income. So now I will show you one of the biggest platforms on the worldwide stage, with three million members and growing daily, which is WORLD PROFIT WHERE YOU NEED TO BECOME A FREE ASSOCIATE.

landing page image

The image above is where you will create your FREE associate membership, and this is for good reason. As you will see, your options afterward are enormous, and you need to take the time to read and follow our training videos to define where you want to begin.

Most people start with a silver membership, a good option with lots of freebies to help them along their journey.

There is always someone there to guide you, living inside the business centre 24/7 all year round. These highly successful people give their time free of charge to welcome you and help you through the maze of information laid out there for you.

All the volunteers are highly skilled and can direct you to whatever your preference.

I strongly urge you to take up this FREE associate membership because, whatever you decide, it will vastly improve your Website traffic.

Ads to thousands daily!!

Mailing lists are a great asset to have, hands down!!

Below here are some links to one that I use daily with extreme success, and you will do well to join and use daily also:

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