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Nigel J Pearcey

Hi, if you like reading books, please do me the honour of reading one of mine that I wrote personally after becoming blind.

The book is named “The Survival of Reynard.” The story is about a red fox and its attempts to survive in the British countryside against all odds

I have included a history of human interference by the human race to our wildlife, as I saw it when I was growing up in 1951.

Historical events have changed the outlook for our wildlife over the centuries.

My book is produced on hardback, paperback, and Kindle.

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My book can be found with most major retailers and on Amazon

A proportion of my royalties are set aside for my charities, so please, will you give me a 5-star rating on AMAZON to help my work?

If you can help and want a copy of my book, PLEASE CLICK HERE.

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