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big HELLO to everyone,smiley

This is my initial site news as I am going through the launch of this advertising search engine on the site that has always been deemed as my official home page, but for my long term followers I have not deleted my home site because rather I just move it over to another folder and you can find it here: https://www.nigelpearcey.com/nigel

You will notice that I have not and never would pull away from my main advertising either and you can find my latest fantastic deal at: https://www.nigelpearcey.com/btw/

I have also kept my domain blog as it helps to connect with more traffic on this domain which is becoming popular all over the world so if you want to see the blog itself then simply go to : https://www.nigelpearcey.com/njp

All of my links above will be replicated throughout this advertising search engine and will propagate to all sections and categories over time as the main page propagates to all major search engines.

So now I invite everyone to create a free account by going to the right hand drop down in the main navigation and simply click join and setup your details and then you can choose any type of advertising you like and take advantage of promoting your products and services right here on this site.


I am currently working on adding more categories so if you want to have a particular category added then please feel free to let me know and I will work on it, You will also notice on my pages some links that say suggest a category or sub category so if you have a suggestion then please click on it and send your suggestion to me direct.

That’s all for now and will be more updates out soon.

Nigel J Pearceycool

( site administration)