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Popular News

All this week the 10-year Treasury auction that will happen Wednesday day has been the main subject of conversation.
What accounted for the breathtaking recovery? Most traders cite the lessons the Fed learned from the Great Recession.
China stocks have been in correction mode for several weeks, but the new rule is exacerbating the route, particularly those with listings in the U.S.
The primary cause of the selling in Chinese internet stocks was that a fund, Archegos Capital Management, was forced out of its positions.
The stock market is a discounting mechanism: It is a way of trying to figure out what a future stream of cash flow — or earnings — is worth today.
For all the attention that is shined on superstar short sellers, most lose money.
This week, it looked like inflation/yield worries were going to replace Covid as the primary market risk.
Would you buy a FOMO fund if someone offered it to you? Some investors are betting you will.
Strong 2021 earnings guidance is critical to confirm the foundation of the rally.
The increase in retail trading has come with increased scrutiny for a practice known as "payment for order flow."
March 16, 2020, was the day Covid got very real. It was the week everyone realized that we would be in for a prolonged shutdown.
Have retail traders, who have been such a large part of the increase in volume last year, suddenly lost interest?
It's not just equity prices that are hitting new highs in 2021. Trading volumes for stocks and options are at records as well.
The Van Eck Vectors Social Sentiment ETF (BUZZ) selects 75 stocks with the most bullish social media sentiment and packages them into an ETF.
The "blow-out-the-short-sellers game" is showing signs of exhaustion, but the ramifications are only just being felt.
Wall Street is concerned about the Yellen regulator super summit, and with good reason, market watchers say.
The short-squeeze craziness has implications for trading, regulations and investor psychology.
Earnings are beating estimates by more than 17%, about five times the normal average and on a par with the third quarter.
Fear of inflation is causing investors to speculate the Fed may have to shift policy sooner than expected.
Shortly after the open, her Ark Innovation Fund was down 11%. By 10 a.m. ET, it had already traded more than 8 million shares..
The cost-cutting efforts of corporate America will dramatically improve the bottom line and accelerate profits even more.
Some are wondering whether this is the end to the fabled "there is no alternative" to stocks notion.
Signs have emerged that the endgame may not be far off for GameStop after its massive short squeeze last week.
The euphoria has driven investor sentiment to new highs, technicals to extremes, and expectations for earnings to very high levels.
Numbers used by Princesses Latifa and Haya are reportedly found in a database at the heart of the leaks.